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A donkey - behind another donkey.
I'm behind the second donkey.
There is a whole nation behind me.
It's a murder described in a word. 


 If 1+9+8=1, what is 2+8+9?

You have a torch which needs 2 working batteries. You have 8 batteries but only 4 of them are working.

What is the least number of battery pairs you need to check to make sure you get the flashlight on?


Multiplication and addition of three numbers gives same result.

What are those numbers?

Our dear Admin has a locker in a bank.
But, he has forgot the key to open the locker.
Fortunately, he remembers some things which may help you to help him.
· Key is a four digits number (eg.1234 or 9876)
· Every digit is different
· It starts and ends with an odd number and has two even numbers in the middle.
· 19 and 519 go into it exactly.

What is the key which will open the locker?

Given five zeros, can you make a total of 120 using any possible mathematical operations?

Which one of these letters is the odd one out?


A chicken farmer also has some cows for a total of 30 animals, and the animals have 74 legs in all. How many chickens does the farmer have?

There are seven sisters in a house, in a village where there is no electricity or any gadgets.

Sister 1: Reading a book
Sister 2: Cooking
Sister 3: Playing Chess
Sister 4: Playing Sudoku
Sister 5: Washing clothes
Sister 6: Gardening

What is Sister 7 doing?

Write 31 using only digit 3 five times.

It was Mammu's birthday and I decided to buy for her some sweets. There was an old woman in the candy shop.

I noticed something very strange, while she was weighting out sweets. She had just six weights and a balance scale. 

That's all she had. With just this she was able to weight any unit number of ounces of candy- right from 1 to 364.

Can you say what the six weight were?

There is some encrypted text shown in the wall below. What would be the decrypted text?

Eight dozen dozen; is it greater than, equal to, or less than half a dozen dozen?

If all the dimensions of a three litre bottle are doubled what is the volume of the new bottle?

Is this a prime number : 224181?

Can you tell us the rule which is followed in the following number series? 102, 104, 108, 110, 114, 128

There is a 6 digit-number contaning the digits: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, and 3. The ones are 1 digit apart, the twos are 2 digits apart, and the threes are 3 digits apart. What is the number?


Can you Solve it? Explain how!