"Body needs exercise, brain needs puzzle"
pune ,India

A group of us were playing Bingo.I noticed something very interesting.There were different Bingo cards with no two cards having the same set of numbers in corresponding column or row.The centre of course was a free space.How many such cards are possible,can you tell?

The ship was sailing.The tide was rising at the rate of 16 inches per hour.Four rungs were already below the water.Each rung was 1 1/2 inches thick and there was a gap of eight inches between rungs.after five and one half hours later how many rungs of the ladder would have been submerged? 

A  gramophone record has a diameter of 30.5 centimetres.The centre is unused and has a diameter of 10 centimtres .There is also a smooth outer edge 1.25 centimetres wide around the recording.If the grooves are 36 to the centimetre,how far does the needle move during the actual playing of the record?

A professor thinks of two consecutive numbers between 1 and 10.
'A' knows the 1st number and 'B' knows the second number

A: I do not know your number.
B: Neither do I know your number.
A: Now I know.

There are four solution for this.What are they ?

In the following equation each alphabet represents unique digit from 0-9. Can you make following equation true.

Hint : X is not alphabet; it is multiplication signlaughing


    B D C

X     E A


  I I F C

A friend of mine in London has a very nice cellar.He has 2 barrels in the cellar.The larger barrel is mostly empty.but the smaller barrel is only 5/6 th full of wine while it can hold 536 litres.

Supposing he empties the smaller barrel and fills the bigger barrel to find that wine fills only 4/9 ths of it,how much wine would the larger barrel hold when full?

I was shopping for vegetables at the New Market.I saw 2 pumpkins of the same quality but of different sizes.One was bigger than the other.The bigger one was 60 cm in circumference and the other 50 cm.I asked the vendor the price.The bigger one was one and a half times more expensive.Which one do you think would have been a better buy?

Find the value of:


This is little tricky; little Jon was told to decypher following code and deliver message. when he opened chit 2 of the numbers were missing. Can you find the missing numbers and also decypher message?

21 16 21 26 ? 12 ? 4 13 5

Can you make following math equation valid by using a single straight line:

4+4 +4=448

Mr Issac used to like puzzle his students now and then. One day he wrote following message on board and asked students to guess topic of discussion:


Can you guess the topic

How many cats are there in picture