Can you tell us the rule which is followed in the following number series? 102, 104, 108, 110, 114, 128

Our dear Admin has a locker in a bank.
But, he has forgot the key to open the locker.
Fortunately, he remembers some things which may help you to help him.
· Key is a four digits number (eg.1234 or 9876)
· Every digit is different
· It starts and ends with an odd number and has two even numbers in the middle.
· 19 and 519 go into it exactly.

What is the key which will open the locker?

What is the smallest three digit palindrome divisible by 18?

"Mary, in 1925, told her friend that her husband died in World War I" - Find the logical mistake in this sentence.

You were given nine same looking coins of which one is fake – weighs less. You can use
even arm balance. How do you find out which coin is fake in two scalings?

What is the next number in sequence :


Suppose you had five billion rupees and you gave away a Rs.500 note every minute, how long would it take you to give away all your money?

The time is 3.15 pm. What is the angle between hour and minute hands?

A man started business with a capital of $2,000.00, and increased his
wealth by 50 per cent every three years. How much did he possess at the expiration
of eighteen years?