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Following number letter sequence has one number/letter missing, find number marked by ?


Neha has 16 pairs of white socks and 16 pairs of brown socks.She keeps them all in the same drawer.If she picks out 3 socks at random what is the probability she will get a matching pair?

During Pizza party, Penny asks Sheldon his age. As we all know Sheldon, he winks and tells Penny that day before yesterday he was 43 and next year he will be 46. Can you help Penny find Sheldon's exact birth date. Lets assume current year is 2000

4150 6749 8163 3571 8466 9788

The farmer dies, leaving behind three sons, 17 cows and the following order:

  • His oldest son shall inherit one in two cow.
  • His middle son shall inherit one in three cow.
  • His youngest son shall inherit one in nine cow.

Now the three don't know what to do. So they ask an old friend of the family, which knows a solution such that everyone is happy.

What did he propose?